30-Day Illumination Cleanse


An elimination diet is the most accurate test for uncovering food sensitivity and a fantastic tool for you to understand your body and health.

The Illumination Cleanse is an intensive course that is focused primarily on determining food sensitivities using the Elimination Diet method. For 30-days we will increase the foods that support your greatest state of health while we eliminate foods that contribute to inflammation and sensitivity within the body. Then, we move into a reintroduction phase, adding each food in, one at a time to observe the reactions of each food and determine your individual sensitivity.

Through this process you will determine your individual food triggers and your specific responses to particular foods. This sets you up for a diet that supports you and your optimal health moving forward with ample time to integrate the learnings into your body and lifestyle.




  • A complete 30-day guided “Illumination Diet” program that provides a jump start in consistent nourishment using healing foods, herbs and lifestyle practices. In this process, we strengthen the digestive system, balance fluids and enhance immunity throughout the body. This program acts as an elimination diet, which helps determine particular food intolerances you may have.
  • Daily routines and mindset hacks that are practical and easy to implement and will shift you away from stress into a deeper state of self-healing.
  • An introductory session and health assessment to reveal the ultimate vision for your health and answer any questions about the process.
  • 4 weekly coaching sessions to answer questions and dive into challenges as they arise over the course of the month. This provides time and space for the learning and practices to integrate and take hold.
  • Personalized guidance and support through emails and check-ins along with handouts, worksheets, videos, meditations and additional resources to support your process.

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