On this retreat we will explore the creative and passionate energy of April’s Aries New Moon (April 16). You will discover how the moon and stars impact your nervous system and what you can do to align with the stars and your path using yoga, meditation, breath work, nidra, high vibe nutrition and plant-medicine.

If some of these things are new to you, wonderful! You will be fully supported as you explore these incredible tools you can bring back with you so you can continue to experience rejuvenation upon your return home.

The adventure starts on April 14, 2018 and includes:

  • 7-Day all inclusive stay at Wild Child Village
  • Adventures Galore! Hiking, surfing, mermaid time in the ocean, beaches, bonfires and hammock time in the jungle.
  • An adventure trip to Playa de los Frailes, a local pristine beach
  • A traditional temescal (sweat lodge)
  • An astrology workshop with a personalized chart reading so you can understand how astrology impacts your daily life. We teach astrology from an approachable and relatable perspective so you can expect down-to-earth and useful wisdom you can bring into your life. 
  • A New Moon Cacao Ceremony to bring us into alignment with the sign of Aries, a time that invites passion, bravery, and creativity + A bonfire to celebrate the fire of Aries!
  • Daily guided Yoga Nidra, the “yogic sleep,” a powerful form of relaxation that has the power to repattern your habitual thought processes and align your nervous system back to homeostasis
  • Daily yoga, meditation and plenty of time to relax and slip into the scenery
  • Lifetime Founding Member status at Wild Child Village, which makes this place your home, too and gives you discounts on future travel adventures to Ecuador.

This trip is for us to really unwind into the inspiring jungle and healing waters of Ecuador. A chance to dive into a deeper understanding of the nervous system so we can come back more grounded amidst the changing world. Throughout our experience we will practice daily yoga, meditation and breath work while enjoying the majestic surf, inspiring land and nourishing foods found only in Ayampe Ecuador. 


Deposits and payment plans are available!

Take a step back from fast-paced living and reconnect with the natural world for a week in paradise! Enjoy daily yoga, astrology workshops and true relaxation as you take in breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains above the charming surf town of Ayempe, Ecuador.

Nestled in a canyon between mountains and sea, Wild Child Village is the ideal location for us to unplug and unwind as we tap into sacred rituals, ancient wisdom and fantastic surf to find balance and calm within the body and mind.