The Joyful Transition Cleanse

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Discover how to gracefully transition from the high-heat of summer to the waning days of the season to confidently maintain your fire and focus deep into the Fall. This food-based program is delivered online and invites you to nourish yourself with delicious, seasonal food to support your health for the whole season.

Late-Summer is the perfect time to bring more awareness to digestion. Digestion goes beyond what you eat and drink. In Eastern medicine, we consider how digestion occurs within the body as well as the mind. We look to understand how we process stimulus and information – everything that comes through your sense organs. Energetically, this system is related to thinking. This program presents an opportunity to bring your thinking mind into balance within your body as you look hard at how you are processing the stimuli you take in within your senses. 

This gentle, life-supporting experience will leave you relaxed, energized and revitalized with improved digestion, reduced inflammation and better immunity against the changing season.  

Note: This is an open-program. You can join us on June 19 – June 27 or work it on your own anytime this season. Whichever way you choose to do it, you will receive daily emails, meditations and practices, a delicious cookbook full of recipes to inspire you, and a lot of fantastic resources to guide you. Plus you will have access to private coaching throughout your experience.



The Joyful Cleanse is a 5-part Seasonal Series practiced in your life alone or with a community. For 8-days you engage live with your health and wellbeing, actively and curiously asking: how much better could I feel?

This gentle and effective dive into a more compassionate, whole and natural way of self-care will leave you feeling more clear-headed, energized and aware of how you can best take care of yourself right now. Walk away from this week equipped with new tools and a higher reference point for feeling your best.

I believe we are inherently connected to the earth and her cycle so each community led program coincides with the seasonal shift. I want you to move into the new season with energy, clarity and grace so you can feel your best and experience more of life. Food is medicine. You take it every single day and it has the power to heal not just your physical body, but your emotions and spirit as well. How you relate to your plate impacts your digestion and what your body does with the food you take in.

Use food as medicine for your digestive system, including your stomach, spleen and pancreas.

Learn tools and healing methods practiced in Ayurveda and Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, anti-inflammatory nutrition, seasonal eating, intuitive self-care, astrology and personal development.

Make and enjoy delicious food using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Release old stories and healed wounds through daily writing prompts

Learn and practice yoga + meditation to strengthen intuition and enhance perception.

Shift into a new realm of being with support, community and guidance.


Small steps are taken in this gentle yet powerful program that will bring you clarity, energy and space to reach big change: to truly let go of cravings, stop unconscious food choices and unhealthy habits.

You will be eating real, whole and satisfying meals with a focus on healing your digestive system and removing toxins. You won’t feel deprived, but uplifted, energized and clear.


  • A Late-Summer Season Cookbook with 50+ fresh, delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and evening meals specifically created to support your body during the late-summer season (A $50 value)
  • Informational guides that will expand your understanding of the anti-inflammatory lifestyle, seasonal eating, digestion, nutrition and how to cultivate self-care practices that are intuitive and fit into your busy life  (A $200 value)
  • Daily emails and an active Facebook group so you can connect with your community, feel supported and continue learning and growing each day
  • Daily writing prompts, meditations and yoga practices to strengthen intuition, enhance perception, release old stories and outdated thought processes
  • One-on-one email support and a personal coaching session with me to discuss your experiences and shifts you’d like to make in your health (A $200 value)


  • Even out your energy throughout the day
  • Be free of sugar and caffeine cravings
  • Ease a multitude of health issues: digestion + elimination, joint pain, seasonal allergies and low energy
  • Feel lighter and better in 8 Days by learning which foods nourish your body
  • Replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones so you can stay healthy after The Cleanse
  • Discover food allergies and intolerances you might not even know you had! (This can be crucial for your health!)
  • Nourish and cleanse your body so that you reduce stress
  • Receive loving guidance and support throughout the entire process

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